Learn how to be a freelance trainer

Would you like me to coach you to become a self-employed Successful Trainer?


To teach you everything I've learned over 25 years of being a freelance self-employed trainer myself?

To have no boss, freedom to work as much or as little as you want (personally I like to go on holiday six times a year), doing a job which is really fun and satisfying, plus is better paid than a doctor, a judge, or an air traffic controller...


If you want to live your best life, and you've always felt that training might suit you, then this is the most important message you’ll ever read.


Hi there,

If you know me you’ll know that I don’t go for hyperbole or sales stuff... I’m all about practical straight-talking methods and things that are proven to WORK.

Once an Engineer always an Engineer!

After designing and running courses on Leadership, Negotiating, Project Management, Time Management, Sales etc, I’ve decided to teach a small number of other people how to do the same.

Most trainers are too busy to stop and explain it to anyone else, and why should they?  Why help potential competitors?

But I'm gradually retiring now - meaning I'm trying to have fewer customers and to do less work... so it's a great time to pass on my lifetime of knowledge.


Also, I know HOW to make online courses (which most trainers don't) so I can make a programme like this.  And believe me, it's been complicated to make because it's so comprehensive - it includes videos, weekly emails, checklists, PDFs - all sorts of clever automated stuff that in the end just gives you a simple and steady weekly feed of great knowledge and step-by-step tasks to follow.


Let me tell you about what I have created…..

In order to have the best possible runway into changing your career and becoming a successful freelance trainer full-time... you need to have everything that's in my head.  But of course you don't want it all in one mega data download - you'll succeed far more easily if it's fed to you in bitesize chunks in a logical order so you can work through it in your own time. Essentially a mentor in your pocket guiding you through this huge life change. The programme starts with how to set up a self-employed business, which subjects you will teach, how to design a great course.  Then we look at how to sell courses, and finally how to deliver them so you're the best in the business and the customer keeps coming back for more (plus recommending you to others).


At first I couldn't face writing it all down - because there is SO MUCH to tell you.  Things like what time to start a training day, how to make it interactive, should you sell half days or whole days, how many subjects should you teach, do you have to be an expert, etc etc?


So I started by running a coaching programme, also called Successful Trainers, where I worked intensively, mainly over Zoom, with a group of 20 people at a time, to train them up to be trainers.


I created a huge bank of videos and documents before I started that programme, and then I added to it constantly based on feedback and new questions. So, I gradually built up a once-in-a-lifetime record of everything we did - every question they asked, everything I told them, and absolutely everything I've learnt in 25 years. 

This resulted in an amazing body of work (unique in the world) which I want to share with more people if I can.


Of course, the face-to-face programme was very time intensive, to the point where I don't want to do it again - I want to be on the beach enjoying my retirement!   Also, because it was so intense it made the programme very expensive (4-5 figures depending on the time commitment).  Of course, easily worth it if you end up with your own business running courses for £1500 per day (or £450 per hour over Zoom), it's going to pay back in just a week or two.

But, imagine if you could get all the information without the face-to-face sessions with me, all the videos and all the documents, for a small fraction of the price because it was automated.  That would pay back in less than ONE training day, probably less than ONE Zoom hour!!

So that's what I have created - six months of emails which you will receive at a rate of two per week, so that's about 50 emails, which will teach you everything you need to know in order to be me.

But... do you want to be me?  And why should you believe me about all this (if you don't already know me)?


Here's some information about me:

I myself tried several careers – an engineer, a manager, a university lecturer, and a freelance travelling trainer.  

In 2018 I drove 20,000 miles, and presented 144 days of training at an average of £1380 per day, which brought in £199,000 (annoying about that extra thousand but let's not talk about it!).  I've been earning over 120k for the last 10 years, gradually putting the price up.

144 days out of a possible 260 days is about 3 days a week, or it leaves 116 days - aka 23 weeks of holiday.  Not 23 days like many people get, but 23 WEEKS!  That's 3 for Christmas, all of August, and five more three week holidays.  Of you could take Fridays off and never have a measly 2 day weekend again.

Recently I've been doing Zoom training from my desk at home, usually one hour at a time.  I quite like to do an hour at 10am and then head for the beach.  Sometimes I do another hour in the afternoon.  I charge £850/hour so if I do three hours a week that would be £127k a year... from my desk, wearing shorts and crocs!?

And the best part is that you could do it too!

Even if you started on £450/hour and did (oh no!) six hours a week you could earn well over £100k a year.

And I never do any selling, it's all repeat work, I live off about 20 regular customers and the occasional one that comes via LinkedIn (this marketing and getting repeating clients is something else I'll teach you on my programme).


Take this chance while it's there


I've never seen any course like this - there's nothing else out there, and if you find one, I bet it won't be as good.  Because I'm one of the most successful trainers in the world at teaching online, I specialise in making actionable videos explaining what to do, and also I know how to make online courses like this one.  But most importantly - I'm not holding anything back - this really is EVERYTHING I know. No hidden agendas or upsells or locked areas - it's literally everything you need to know - it's worked for me so it'll work for you.  I’m on your side 100%, and together we’ll do this.

Become a freelance trainer

Not sure yet?

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Will it work for me?

We all know that some people who buy courses or books never look at the videos or read the chapters.  The world is full of people who want an easy way to make money, but are not prepared to do the work.

Training is indeed quite an easy way to make money, but as with all good things, it does require some work.  Setting up your own company, designing some training courses, getting some initial customers. At some point (maybe after you have proved you can do it and got some customers) giving up the safety of your job, preparing for a day of training (printing out notes, thinking about timing etc.), then there's driving to the customer, maybe taking a flight to another state or country.  And of course the admin - confirming courses, booking hotels, invoicing, and doing a little bit of marketing (blog posts, linkedin posts etc).

Yes - this is all work - but it's quick and easy if you know how to do it. You can have systems for it which I will help you set up, and I can show you where the potholes are so that you can avoid them.

So the main work for you is to view all of the material I will send you, and to do all of the homework that I send you each week.  If you action everything on this course then by the end you will have set up your own business, designed your courses, booked your first customers, and much more.  If you do all of my steps then you can't fail.


My experience with working 1:1 as a coach is that there are three types of person...

 - the person who does nothing, or almost nothing.  Often with excuses (maybe valid or not) but for whatever reason they buy the programme and never do anything. Of course, they don't succeed.

 - the person who drops out halfway.  This is the most frustrating one!  They waste the cost AND half of the work because they never cross the finish line and reap the rewards!

 - finally, the person who commits and does it properly.  They don't waste time and effort questioning the programme, they just do everything and it works.  These people ALWAYS succeed.  Yes, it takes a while to build up regular customers based on repeats and recommendations, but they will come. If you are this person then you WILL get to a point where you can easily earn 100k-200k and take six holidays a year, and/or Fridays off.  If you do the same as I do, it HAS to work.


So I just need you to view the material and take action – and that will be easy, it’s all in a logical order, in bitesize practical lessons, and you can go at any speed that suits you, as long as you follow the plan, you’ll be fine.  


You can do it!


I honestly believe (and have proven so far with my alumni) that pretty much anyone can succeed as a trainer... but there are a few basic requirements you need to meet. Have you got a bit of spare time to work on this? Are you willing to learn and come out of your comfort zone? Are you prepared to learn about selling, and do a bit of that? Are you able to either do this as a side hustle until it takes off, or fund yourself while your new business builds up? Do you like training people, or at least are you prepared to learn it? Here's a diagram where you can check whether you qualify for this programme. If you stray into the red then I would suggest that Successful Trainers is not for you. But if you are in the green, then you CAN do it!



Here’s what I can guarantee 

This is the best collection of Become A Trainer information that I’ve ever made, and I’ll never do anything bigger or better than this on the subject.  I don't think it would be possible for anyone else to do more than this either! 

It’s a life’s work really - since it took half of my life to build up the subject knowledge to teach and the other half to build up my training skills and training business.  

It contains everything that I have discovered the hard way during all the years of corporate training I’ve presented, everything I’ve learned about audiences and customers and how the training game really works.  

It’s not theory, it’s a field guide to being a trainer, it’s practical bite-size actions you can take to become that confident wealthy trainer.


Why try to guess the answers and go it alone, when it'll take you much longer and you might never get there at all... instead you can have them all right here?


Exactly what you’re getting

Essentially, a massive collection of resources, covering things you'd expect, and things you'd never even think of needing to know.


You'd expect to get information on setting up a website, whether to have a limited company, how many subjects to teach, how much you need to know to run a 1 day course, how to design a good training day, what might go wrong and how to handle it, what price to charge, what to charge for Zoom training, what if the customer doesn't pay, how to find potential customers, what to say when you go to visit a potential customer, how to market yourself, what sort of equipment you'll need and when to buy it, etc.


You probably wouldn't expect to get help with choosing a company name, do you need a Unique Selling Proposition, what time to start and finish a training course, should you finish early if the participants want to, the best way to produce your handouts to minimise time and waste, tip of the month as a great email marketing tool, whether it's a good idea to sell coaching or consultancy on the side, how to make promotional videos, including editing and lighting and microphones, how to sell videos as a pre-course or post-course revision add-on, how to sell hybrid or "blended" training where some is face to face and some is via Zoom and some is via recorded videos, how to use Buffer and Linkedin, balancing Business to Business vs Business to Customer, should you charge per person on the course or per day of your time, remarketing pixels, how to use youtube, should you write a book and if so what size of book, and should you sell it or give it away.  There is SO much to tell you! 



So why am I doing this?...

Why am I giving away my hard-earned secrets?...


The answer is - because I want to make a difference, that’s what floats my boat. Making a difference to people who really want to learn and change.  

And I AM pretty much giving it away, the price is ridiculous, it should really be ten times as much (and many of the big name success gurus do charge ten times as much, for courses that cover less). In ONE hour of Zoom training you'll earn more than the cost of this entire programme!

But it HAS taken a lot of time to bring together, and I’ve written a lot of new material just for this programme, and I’m not going to give it away to people who won’t value it.


I care massively about this programme and the people who join it, because I want it to be as great as it can be, especially as this is the last word on the subject.

I really think it will make a difference to those who get involved with it, and I can’t wait to hear from people (you?) who have had their lives transformed.  

That’s why I’m doing it.


Now, you might be wondering exactly what you’re getting, you might want a structured list (though trust me, it's everything you need) so here are all the details:

Not sure yet?

If you'd like some free sample videos and extra information on what's included leave your email below...

I'll send you videos and bonus info by email over the next couple of weeks

Get access to Successful Trainers Programme

You can see from this diagram that the programme has a logical flow to it, covering the stages of setting up a training business: set up, course design, selling training, and course delivery.


There's a LOT of material – and once you join you'll own it forever. So use it at any pace you want, dip into it whenever needed, view it any time of day or night, and re-visit as often as required over your new career.


And, it’s different to anything you’ve seen before for three reasons:

  1.  Firstly, there’s me, I’m not one of those motivational speaker guys who strut around on stage promising you the earth by just positive thinking, I’m an engineer who has worked this out calmly and sensibly (although if you know me you’ll also know we’ll have a bit of laugh while we do it!). But the point is that it’ll be practical first, and then inspirational in some places too.
  2. Secondly, it’s both the big picture and the small details – we’ll do everything from the big plan to every tiny detail along the way.
  3. And thirdly, is the delivery method - you won't just get a big dump of instructions... you'll be led through the process with an email workbook twice a week.  It's flexible - you can do it anytime, evenings, weekends, or skip a week if you like.  But it's never overwhelming.  Just keep up with the homework and you'll succeed!


It’s certainly comprehensive. 

But that’s not all.


Let's think about what these emails, videos, PDFs, and templates will translate into for your real life...

Putting it into perspective...

Let's get deeper into those income projections and see how the cost of this programme stacks up against what you can realistically earn.  If this part is too "in the weeds" for you then feel free to skip it but I'm so confident about the amazing value of this programme I wanted to be really transparent and detailed.

I honestly don't see how you can fail to earn many times your investment back - as long as you follow my steps and complete the programme.

You could literally make back the cost of the entire programme with ONE HOUR of Zoom training... ever! Let alone in-person training, or repeat work. To me, it seems like a total no-brainer. But watch the video below and you can be the judge...



Here’s what to do next

If you'd like to become a successful freelance trainer, with my help, you'll have to register for my programme asap.


You can own it forever for a one-time payment.

Or, if you prefer, you can get it for 3 instalments.


But these numbers are irrelevant really when you consider -

What value would you put on your future career?

If you can't afford this programme after your whole life of working so far then your system isn't working very well is it?  You need a better plan! 
And this could be it.

If you could earn £1000/day, or £450 from one hour of Zoom, what difference would that make to your life?  And if you could earn £1600/day and £850/hour, what options would that give you for money and time?

Don't just take my word for it, ask any other trainer what the rates are.  Ask the HR department at your work what they pay for trainers.  It's definitely real!

The payback time for this upfront cost is almost NOTHING ‚Äď you'll earn it back on your first day of training!¬† Think about your possible income as a freelancer: these numbers will add up to hundreds or thousands of times the small cost of developing yourself with this brilliant and unique programme.¬†¬†


The world is full of people who don’t invest in themselves, and then complain about it, or slog through life unhappily.

And yet we KNOW that 100% of what happens to you is 100% down to your mindset and knowledge - even how you handle luck, the good and bad cards we all get dealt, it’s down to what you know. 

To not invest a few hundred bucks in order to change up your life would be mad!  



If they can do it, so can YOU!

All I need from you is to click on the link below and sign up for my Successful Trainers Programme. You'll be asked to choose your desired payment option and fill out the form. Then we can begin!

If you feel that this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Successful Trainers Programme - let's get started


Here's What Happens After That


As soon as you’ve signed up for my online Successful Trainer programme you’ll get instant access to the member area where you can set up your own username and password.

And then I’ll also send you an onboarding email with all the access details and links. 


As soon as that’s done, you’ll be added to our private mastermind group where you’ll be able to chat with the other people who are also changing their lives.

I’m sure we’ll have some fascinating and impressive people in our group, who we can all learn from.


And, you’ll also be able to see updates because that’s where I’m going to add everything good that I discover from now on, after this course has gone live.

So you’ll be plugged into a special community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: to be successful as trainers while having fun along the way. 


In total, you get access to 52 weekly emails which link through to hours of video training and documents that you can access 24/7 from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You'll keep this access forever and can revisit the content any time.


And rest assured, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks so you never feel overwhelmed.

If you feel that this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Successful Trainers Programme

So, if you want to get on and change some things in your life, and you want the best help you can get, let’s do this – just click on the button under this video, sign up for the Successful Trainers programme, and I’ll see you inside!


But don’t put it off, don’t think “I’ll come back to that later” – because you’ll probably end up never doing it, which will be a real shame – for you.


There’s a limit to the number of people I can take and I’m certain this course will sell out. 

As much as I’d love to help everyone to be happier and more successful, I am strictly limiting the number of participants so l can provide the help and support that you need in order to get the results that you want from this programme.

I want to keep this particular course at a level where I have enough time to look after everyone so I can make sure everyone gets results. Because of that I’m only accepting a very limited number of students.

I simply don’t have the capacity to support more than that. 

It will probably sell out because of the extremely limited seats available.

There are 20,000 people on my tip of the month list, 100,000 people who follow me on various internet training platforms, and another 155,000 on Linkedin who have been waiting for this course to launch. So if you’re truly interested in becoming a Successful Trainer you have to act as soon as possible before someone else gets your spot and transforms their life with this epic programme. 

And, in case you’re wondering, spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes I want to become a Successful Trainer


Life is too short to live a mediocre life. Let's get you on track to happiness & success right now!

Single payment


One-time payement

  • Join my¬†Successful Trainers programme¬†and start¬†transforming your career
  • Lifetime access to¬†hundreds of videos, worksheets and templates
  • Free bonuses are included, above¬†what is even mentioned on this page
  • One time payment



3 monthly payments of £199

  • Join my Successful Trainers programme and start transforming your career
  • Lifetime access to hundreds of videos, worksheets and templates
  • Free bonuses are included, above what is even mentioned on this page
  • Three installments of £199

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I'll send you videos and bonus info by email over the next couple of weeks