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Leadership Mastery - Complete Guide to Being a Great Leader

Master leadership and management with this in depth guide by a world expert

Whether you’re working in a large organisation, or a small independent business, this course will give you the skills to manage and motivate your team with confidence. Becoming a better leader will level up your entire team in every stage of your career, and make you stand out for promotion.

It can be hard being the boss. It can be even harder when it’s your own business. But there are ways to motivate your staff, engage them, and increase productivity and momentum towards your goals. With lots of practical activities and actionable strategies, this course covers everything from getting those people who are giving you grief on board to making tough decisions with confidence and clarity.

You’ll be blown away by how much difference your management skills can make to the success of your business. In this course I have broken down the main leadership theories into simple, bitesized chunks. Work your way through the course step-by-step and learn everything you need to become a brilliant boss. You’ll find videos and resources with individual, practical actions covering all the things a great manager needs to know - from making each person in your team feel valued and learning the importance of delegation to handling performance appraisal reviews and the power of coaching.

Your new leadership skills will allow you to hit your targets quicker and more easily and even help you work towards that promotion.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll have developed a robust set of actionable leadership skills that will change the way you think about management. You’ll be able to confidently encourage your boss to hand over more control, as well as understanding which leadership style works best for your team. You’ll find it easy to divide a task into learnable chunks and feel comfortable loosening the reins on your own team and understanding which tasks are best suited to which team members. This course is all about empowerment, and the knowledge and skills you gain will enable you to become a top-notch team leader.



The course overview includes:

  • Practical tools and techniques to help you become a better leader

  • How to make your appraisals make a real difference

  • Tools to help you understand what motivates your colleagues on a personal level

  • Encourage an environment of empowerment with coaching to build confidence & skills into your employees

  • Find it easy to give your team more freedom

  • Learn how to strike the right balance of delegation and monitoring

  • How to implement small changes to become a top-notch team leader

  • Master communication and handle difficult situations with confidence

  • If you are ready to make practical changes and become a better boss this course is for you!

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