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Career Development and Life Goal Setting

Identify your dream job using career planning, then use goal setting to achieve it!

It’s incredibly common to feel like you’re not achieving enough, or that you don’t know what your life purpose is. The root of these problems is most often found in your work life, but it can be surprisingly simple to get back on track and start doing what you love.

Many people underestimate how much your choice of job affects your long-term happiness. This course is for anyone who dreads going to work in the morning and knows they could be doing better, but just doesn’t know how to get there.

This course is specifically designed to help you identify your ideal career. You’ll spend time honing in what your dream career and life purpose is, as well as the benefits and sacrifices required to make more money. We’ll go over the pros and cons of being self-employed and starting your own business, and look at the choice between taking risky jobs, versus those that are safe but don’t excite you.

This course will delve deep into your life goals and how you view success, and whether you feel that success is something worth exchanging for stress. We’ll look at whether having a big salary is a priority to you and how to feel like you’re doing your best work every day. This course will help you find the ultimate career sweet spot, where you get to do something you are good at and enjoy, that gives you a sense of achievement and contribution to the world, while also paying the bills – the Japanese call this Ikigai.

By the time you finish this course, you will feel well prepared and confident at goal setting and ready to start your job search and find your dream career, but more importantly, how to go about getting it.

Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce, looking for a big career change, or just want to move up the ladder in a more fulfilling direction, this course will provide you with practical tools you can use right away in your career development.


Course contents:

  • Work out what motivates you to go to work in the morning

  • Set goals for your life and career

  • Practical tips to get started with self-employment

  • How to find your life purpose

  • Discover your perfect job

  • Learn to achieve both happiness AND success

  • Know how to impress in an interview

  • What to do if you are rejected for your dream job

  • Discover the six success factors in a career

  • Learn when to leave your job

  • Find how your personality type affects success and happiness

  • And lots more!


3hr 14min of video content published and 57 videos

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